Wednesday Recap #17 – Dialogue system

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The only thing I did this week was the dialogue system – I know, it’s not much but my energy level is near zero for quite some time – I need to implement some serious resting time to my daily schedule. So, let me show you this animated and working prototype of the dialogue system in action. Colors will varry … Read More

Wednesday Recap #16 – Crypt Enterance

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Courier finally reached the enterance of the crypts… Few more steps and Courier will be facing horrors of the crypts. Storyline map graphics will be done very soon which fills me with joy and sadness at the same time – working on art for the outside scene was quite pleasant. Now I have to implement that dialogue system already so … Read More

Wednesday Recap #14 – Thursday edition

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Welcome to Wednesday Recap – Thursday edition! Yes, this week was full of stuff…kinda. Honestly, there was less than I was preparing for but I was stressing out everything too much and the result is this late and humble post. Screenshot Saturday   Some changes & new art   I’ve changed Old Hag’s cottage a bit more and it still … Read More

Wednesday Recap #13

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Hello everyone! I hope you had a great week(end). I honestly thought I’ll have video ready to show you part of the storyline map environment – with rain, sounds, effects, you know, but I couldn’t make it sadly. Few things came in between my plans so my weekend was practically without development hours. But there is progress of course. Steam Greenlight … Read More

Wednesday Recap #9

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I hope you had a great week(end) everyone! 🙂 Again, my weekend was busy with other stuff and Courier didn’t get much attention but I’ve still managed to do something nice. I was implementing more weather effects for storyline map like storm (heavy rain + lightning). It’s not much but it adds a lot. Next to that, I did more … Read More