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Courier of the Crypts – no funding, future?

Courier of the Crypts – no funding, future?

IndieGoGo Failed

Few days ago, on 11th of November, the Indiegogo campaign for the game failed with only 33% funded (3,342€). Like some of you I’m a bit bitter about the outcome of the campaign as well. Was I prepared for fail? Of course, but I’m optimistic type of the person and I had high hopes for the game. For about a week or so I disappeared to relax from 2 months of rush, to get my mind straight and prepare for the future. I got many messages asking weather I’m ok. Yes, I’m ok and ready to kick ass, thanks for your concern smile

This is just one failure of many yet to come. Let me remind you that great things also happened ;)

Development resumed for good – dreams ahead

Development resumed for good – dreams ahead

Hello everyone! Some of you may realized that I’ve disappeared for something like two months if not more without a word. No blog posts, FB/Google+ news and even birdies ceased with tweets and I’m very sorry for that. I made few serious decisions few months ago and in time of this big pause my life changed quite a bit and I had to adapt to these changes, positive changes that is. All decisions made were mostly for the sake of Courier of the Crypts and since my game is main topic of this writing I’ll let you know all about it and what to expect.


About the long pause

Few months ago I’ve decided to switch my job. I was working in gamedev for 3 years but I was hunger for changes. I had two options – some other company or going full time with the Courier of the Crypts. Even though first option sounded safe and interesting, second option won because it’s even more thrilling and who doesn’t want to give a chance to their own dreams right? Also, if I want to make this game as I want it to be I need all the focus and time for it. Anyway, there is never good moment for something like this but this was as close as it could get. My roomies decided to leave the apartment, school ended for me (well, 2 exams left) and I had an option to move home and that’s what I did. After ~7 years living away from home I’ve moved back to concentrate on Courier of the Crypts and to save some money. I’ll be staying home at least for a while to make a good push with the game. My room was not in good state so I had to tidy up everything, moved old stuff out, painted the walls and made a good gamedev environment. There are still some stuff missing like fan art on the wall + place for my dear todo sticky notes.

My new gamedev nest at home

So what now? Courier of the Crypts coming soon? Yes and no. I have tremendous amount of content to do and this will take time. Lots of time but at least you can expect private demo version quite soon. I want to make a bigger testing batch before make it public so if you’re eager to test this beast do let me know – drop a line below or leave me a tweet / email and I’ll add you to the list of testers.

Future for the Courier of the Crypts


That’s right, I’ll be doing Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign soon after the demo. What, when, how…all of that information will be released soon. All of you who desperately want  to support me (and give your money) this will be your chance! wink

Next to that I’ll resume regular wednesday recaps starting today. Every week like in old times, yay! That’s it, Courier of the Crypts is going onwards with full steam ahead.

That’s it? Nothing new from the game to show?

Screenshots and gif animations will follow in the next post wink

New followers

In time of my disappearance I got pretty nice amount of followers on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks a lot everyone for your support! If you want to talk with me, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to chit-chat with you.

Thoughts on 100$ fee for Steam’s Greenlight

Thoughts on 100$ fee for Steam’s Greenlight

Few days ago, Steam opened their new game submision service called Greenlight and soon there were hundreeds of projects just in few days. Developers were happy and soon lots of junk and joke submisions were found and that turned Steam’s cogs in other direction. To prevent submisions like that they require one-time fee of 100$ which will go to the Child’s Play charity. Today I read lots of articles & topics where people rant about the price and what is fair and what not so I’ll share my thoughts as well.

Before I go on we need to understand that we’re talkin about Steam giant. They were always going for the quality and that’s why this fee is in.

100$ seems a lot for majority of people but let’s see what you get for these bucks:
– submit as many games as you want
– chance that your game gets accepted
– lots of exposure 

That’s a lot already! Even if your game is great it still doesn’t mean you’ll get all the required votes. You have to speak about your game on other places as well, not just throw the game at Steam and wait for miracles. If you talk about your game on various places then I’m sure you have some fans around already and Greenlight will only boost what you have. If you have your game out already it may also boost your sale.

Now, people say there are great developers with good games that seriously can’t afford that 100$. I’m not rich, far from that but I’m trying to save where I can to afford something I want. You know, you don’t have to be on Greenlight today – try to spare that 100$ in 3 months if you think it’s worth it for you. If it’s your dream we’re talking about then you’ll go for it will all the confident! If you can’t afford 100$ in any way then you can ask your fans to help you and in return you give them the game when it comes out. If you don’t have fans work more on marketing and spread your word around before going for Greenlight. Oh and one more thing. If it’s really that bad and harsh then you don’t have to be on Steam. There are plenty other options to go with (Indievania, Gamersgate, IndieCity, Desura…)

You need money for Greenlight?
Check out “Bundle In A Box Grant” (send your game for a grant)
Developer’s solution to Steam Greenlight fee (developers offering help to others)
Kickstarter project maybe?

We always want more and more and complain too much. Steam offered us an option and we can either accept it or not. Maybe it’s not for everyone but only for those who believe in their games and want something more, so go for it! They say dreams have no limitations…or was it complaining? wink

I’ll submit Courier of the Crypts to the Greenlight as well but first I have to do some more work around the game and meanwhile I’ll try to gather that extra money.

My 5 cents on this ultra-super-gigantish “problem” and I’m always up for the discussion so feel free to comment.