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Courier of the Crypts – no funding, future?

Courier of the Crypts – no funding, future?

IndieGoGo Failed

Few days ago, on 11th of November, the Indiegogo campaign for the game failed with only 33% funded (3,342€). Like some of you I’m a bit bitter about the outcome of the campaign as well. Was I prepared for fail? Of course, but I’m optimistic type of the person and I had high hopes for the game. For about a week or so I disappeared to relax from 2 months of rush, to get my mind straight and prepare for the future. I got many messages asking weather I’m ok. Yes, I’m ok and ready to kick ass, thanks for your concern smile

This is just one failure of many yet to come. Let me remind you that great things also happened ;)

From KS to IndieGoGo

From KS to IndieGoGo


This might be a bit less important for you than me (hopefully) but I’ll have to do the Crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGoGo platform.

As you might know, I’m from Slovenia where Kickstarter is not available. I have some connections that could put the project on Kickstarter but most likely I would have to do it a bit later which I can’t really afford. That’s what happens when you start to inform yourself about stuff too late. So, this is it. Date is staying the same, just another platform.

I know IndieGoGo is well known for much lower percentage of successful projects than Kickstarter but I have good faith in the campaign. I’ve learned that you want to see that game done and that’s all I need for this campaign. We can do this!

Another positive point for you is that you may pledge via PayPal while Kickstarter doesn’t allow that.


So this is it, new banner in IndieGoGo colors wink

I hope to see you there on 11th of November.