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Ludum Dare results are out – Top 50, here I come!

Ludum Dare results are out – Top 50, here I come!

Ludum Dare competition is officially over and results are out. My game, Dungeon Warden: Rise of the Goatman got in Top 50 lits out of 902 entries (compo version). Even better,  I got in 36th place which is quite awesome for my second ludum dare of all time. I can’t express how happy I am about the results because I never thought I would come so far although I liked the idea with confidence from the start. If you haven’t yet, I invite you to try the game out and check other entries as well for there were many good ones built over the weekend.

Congratiulations to all competitors who managed to complete a game!

official result displaying the rank in categories

Progress so far on LD25 entry!

Progress so far on LD25 entry!

I haven’t shared any screenshots so far except on the Ludum Dare blog and twitter. So I think it’s about time to show something here as well and say something about they day.

I overslept 3 hours and woke up at 6AM (competition started at 3AM). I was disappointed at start because of the picked theme “You are the Villain”. I didn’t have a single clue what to do and then this dungeon management game came to my mind. I knew it would be hard to do everything in 48 hours but bunch of great people on skype group pushed me to go with it despite the complexity. So, you are the mastermind behind the dungeons and creatures in the kingdom. Heroes will try to clear dungeons and kill you for mighty loot but you must not let them! Drive out every hope of victory from the kingdom.

In-game screenshot (click for full resolution)

I’m already working on this for more than 15 hours and everything is going great. I’m even surprised how well that went so far and it looks nice in action.
Let’s see what I’ve done:

  • Some art for heroes, terrain, dungeon, and GUI
  • Heroes walking around following AI points and entering nearby dungeons
  • Buying and placing dungeons
  • Buying and placing creatures into the dungeons
  • Fighting system (when hero enters the dungeon it fights the creatures in there and after the creatures are dead he start destroying the dungeon). Hero can also die at this point.

What I have on TODO leat for next hours:

  • Add more dungeons & creatures
  • Fix AI
  • Fix fighting system
  • Leveling up heroes & earning money by killing heroes
  • Using money to buy dungeons & creatures
  • Making main dungeon (where you as a player reside)

If you want to see more just follow my live streaming video @