Dev blog: patches & future updates

Development really took me away from regular blog posts so I took a moment to write an actual blog post, not just pasting patch notes. I’ll talk what I was working on recently and what is coming to the Courier of the Crypts.

Wednesday Recap #10

Look at that picture above. This is part of the main menu screen which is work in progress. As much as this picture is unfished that much my overall design (story, maps…) lacks. I have lots of things done, planned but it is sitll not enough. So I’m concentrating on my design notebook to work on details and map progression … Read More

Weekly recap from the Crypts #2

Two weeks are around and I’m here with fresh report from the development. Map designs from the vacations Last week I’ve returned from my vacations and I had great time. Part of it I used for working on map designs (lying on the beach under the pine tree had great impact on me for sure). Result is that now I … Read More