Engine update – Textures & Sprites

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With early preview demo release of the Courier of the Crypts I found out there is this rendering bug on some systems where stuff got rendered over the player sprite while it should be under it. Z-rendering & sprite ordering were playing tricks on me.

I was relying only on Z value of sprites instead of drawing them in the correct order. It worked on most of the systems but sytems with integrated graphic card had the mentioned problem. I had to add sorting to the sprite manager and I simply removed
disabled the Z-rendering since I don’t really need it for the game. I also used this chance to change and add quite some stuff to the engine.

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Wednesday Recap #31

Hello everyone. I’ll keep this report quite short since I was working a lot on the details (polishing…) for one of the maps from the demo. Don’t worry though, I have some cool stuff to show.

Animated goodies

On your way to the crypts, you’ll pass some wicked and cool stuff along the way. This for example, is the village church near the crypts where you’ll pass a silent and staring grave digger. Church bell is ringing, mist is crawling around…it’s quite an ambient, I can assure you.





That’s one part of the polishing I’ve done. My weakness is to polish stuff to the point where 99% people won’t see that tiny pixel flying around yet I’ll spend lots of time on it.

Of course, this is far from polished but I like it so far and I’ll leave it like that for a time being. What do you think? How does it feel?

Just remembered that I forgot to animate that spilling lava texture. Woopsie!

Map editor craze

I was talking about huge number of objects in the maps many times, how the connections work etc. I’m already working on the standalone article about that but for now, I would like to show you something. Map I’ll show you counts 491 objects so far and I don’t even dare to check how many connections. This is only a piece of the map I’ve mentioned. Check out how it looks like with all the connections and objects.


 If you want a more detailed view, click on the next screenshots.


If you check those screens you’ll see there are many different types of objects. More of them I make more freedom I have with the map editor. I would really like to release map editor after the game release because I would really like to see what players can make.

But you know how it goes – more freedom, more possibilities and more problems.


I’m on the verge of the kickstarter date reveal but I need few more days to plan things out to see if I can make it. I’m very excited but there is a lot of work for me to do from demo version itself to sending emails, video creation for the KS and much more. Stressful and enjoyable month(s) here I come :D

Wednesday Recap #27

I’m back after two weeks and I’m really sorry for no Wednesday Recap last week but I was having short vacations at the seaside. Don’t worry though, I did some progress over there as well. ;)

Seaside vacations

Vacations were quite relaxing although I’ve used some of the time for Courier of the Crypts as well (I’m not saying gamedev is not relaxation…). Beach was a great place to work on texts for the game since all I needed was a notebook and pencil. I was working mostly on the dialogues for the story because that was another black hole in my game. I was also shaping game description for the website since puzzle-action-exploration-adventure doesn’t tell you much now does it?

Seashells I've gather from the bottom of the sea and my "Courier Notebook"

Seashells I’ve gather from the bottom of the sea and my “Courier Notebook”

Next to all that I’ve placed some random pixels here and there and made more art. Yay!

Mushroom kingdom

That’s not real name of the environment / map or anything else in the game – more correct would be “Cave full of mushrooms“. Anyway, I did some more progress on that part. I have to admit it’s not part of the demo but I felt like working on it since I did few pixels for that environment when I was off.

Everything is work in progress but you should get an idea what to expect. I want this place to be magical – dark yet full of colors. I was writing about this place in one of the post when all I had was a concept.



To get better feeling of the environment I’ve alse prepared tiny gif just for you to see these huge mushrooms in aciton. Do you think everything is too colorful?

Do you see those insects on the screenshot? They look like this when idle. I wrote about these cute creatures of the night once already but let me tell you again. If you have your torch burning they will drink light from you and lower your torch bar drastically. You can turn your torch off to prevent them that but you’ll angry them and they will charge into you. You don’t want to meet these, especially not in big numbers.



More gif animations for you

Power of the magic crystal

Falling column…dangerous!

And to show you something interesting, here is a comparision of map (tiny part of it) between map editor and game. This map I’m working on has tons of events and triggers that requires A LOT of objects and let me quote myself from recent twitter post: “If this map that I’m working on survives all the events, triggers and other objects then all maps will O_O’“.

Timers, particles, triggers, animations, terrain modificators, connections...all for 1 minute of gameplay.

Timers, particles, triggers, animations, terrain modificators, connections…all for 1 minute of gameplay.

That became quite a long post and I’m wondering if I forgot something (besides some load of programming done on the rendering side) but I guess that’s it.

Right now I’m working on a first official teaser for the game and it shall be released very soon with the new webpage. I hope I can do most of the work until next week.

Enjoy your week and let me know what you think about stuff I just posted, I’ll appreciate it :)

Wednesday Recap #26

I have everything I’ve promised over all the social medias except one thing – gif animation. I didn’t have anything “cool” to show so I rather left gif-recorder alone. So let’s see what Courier brought to you this time:

Development video – timelapse from the map editor

I’ve made a random room in 12 minutes just to show you how does it look like to make maps for this game. There’s nothing special, no triggers, enemies, pickups, events so you should consider this pure basic – tiles, lights and collision. You can imagine how long does it take to make one long proper map with puzzles, proper enemy and pickup placement next to all the crazy events I can do with the editor. Oh, and there is pencil’n’paper map design before all that. It’s time consuming and yes.

New screenshot – floating stuff

Courier of the Crypts - floating crypts

Didn’t you know that stuff in the crypts float?

That’s still WIP – I like to do nearly ok gfx and map design and leave it for polishing days. Basicly, There are few places that simply float. How and why? I’m not sure yet but I’ll find some reasonble excuse ok? These road-floating-stones will be constructed when you get close to them. Yes, like in Bastion with few minor differences. I’m programming those moving stones tomorrow.

New tiles

Cotc_NewArtLike I said in the previous post, I’m making new tiles for maps in the map creation process. If I miss something, I make while making the map. Here are few new pieces I’ve made for the 2nd episode. And you can see more on the above screesnhots.

Web page progress

Most of the design was finished last week and all other stuff (programming, scripting, css etc.) are proceeding absolutely perfect. Everything is almost done and all I need is to put in some serious content including first official teaser, which still needs to be done.

There are some cool gif animations and mouse-overs on the site which I want to believe are true eyecandies. Don’t worry, you won’t see anything like this there.


I was doing huge changes on map editor side because it was nasty and I mean it. When I’ve made it I thought “ehh, it’s not perfect but its OK. Why wasting time on it if it’s usable“. When you’re using some tool for a long time you can easily see it’s flaws and my map editor had lots of ’em. Safety belts, shortcuts confusions solved, code more organized etc.

Next week

I’m already working on a small build for Zdravko (composer) which should be done by saturday because I’m leaving for short sea-side vacations because I’m not sure when will be the next time I’ll be able to afford that. I’ll take the laptop with me anyway since I have to prepare some material for first official teaser showing some gameplay and different enviroments – you should look forward to it.

So – programming, art, teaser material. That’s what I’ll be working on with three words :)

I’m afraid I won’t be able to do next week’s recap because of my absence but if I get something good to show I’ll make a post and schedule it for wednesday so I don’t leave you empty handed.

Have fun everyone!