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Relaxing music list

Relaxing music list

Relaxing MusicOur lives can be very stressful sometimes and music can help you calm down. When I’m working, be it game development, studying or cleaning, I like to listen to various type of music but I always prefered soothing pieces. People at Indie Game Developers group on facebook started a conversation about relaxing music so I’ve decided to finally make a list of music where everyone can find it. I hope you’ll find it useful as well, whatever you’ll be doing.

“Life is so much easier when you just chill out”

First music of the crypts – preview (video)

First music of the crypts – preview (video)

As you can see, this is not usual wednesday recap post. This post is about *drumroll* MUSIC! I’m really happy to share with all of you these first pieces of music that you may hear in Courier of the Crypts.

While was working on the sound system, Zdravko was diligently creating music pieces and sounds. In this month I’ve recieved 3 music pieces and for that occasion I’ve made a video where you’ll see combination of visuals and music.

We’re looking for your feedback on the music – do you think it fits to the visual theme? Do you like whole combination? Your feedback is more than welcome!

I know it’s hard to say without other sounds and Courier walking and waving around with his torch but do your best and enjoy the video.

In the video you can only hear parts of the full songs, Zdravko was kind enough to put those pieces on the soundcloud so you can listen them in full length.

These music pieces will be later torn down to pieces which will be played on special parts of the level depending on the situation. These whole tracks serves for something more *hint hint*

I really hope you liked the speciality of this post as I did. Your feedback on the music will be much appreciated since it will help us determine if we need to change directions or keep it that way (only better of course).

Short post about the development (sound system) is coming soon as well. Stay tuned! bigsmile

The Audio Spotlight & Courier of the Crypts Interview

The Audio Spotlight & Courier of the Crypts Interview

Yesterday, Courier of the Crypts was featured in the Audio Spotlight’s Project Week!

The Audio Spotlight:
” Since our website started we had many great composers, sound designers and library developers with us but this time we present to you how a game developer thinks and feels the music should be used within a game. In this interview EmberHeart games present their project Courier of the Crypts in all special “Project week” on The Audio Spotlight. “

For those who don’t know, The Audio Spotlight is new, fast growing site, that highlights composers and sound designers all around the world. You can also find behind the scene footages from game and film industry as well as growing pile of tutorials and sound libraries for composers. I invite you to take few minutes to check out the site.

Thanks again to Zdravko Djordjević for the interview!