GameDev Recap – 2018

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Prototypes & small previews I did with Unity & Blender. Year 2018 was rich for me in a sense of Game Development. Of course I have spent most of it working on the Courier of the Crypts but apart from that I was learning Unity, Blender and more Pixel Art in general. So far I was mostly working with custom … Read More

Penance : LD43 post-mortem

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After years I have finally took a whole weekend off to participate in my 3rd Ludum Dare. Why? Because I love Ludum Dare and to test myself how much I have progressed as a game developer over time. This is a short post-mortem of Penance, a game I’ve made for the LD compo. You can try Penance on or … Read More

Polishing Phase

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Few months passed and 2 new maps were finished, local achievement system implemented (more about that in the next post) and additional polishing was done all around the game. Game is getting close to its final release but there is still a lot of work to be done. Today I will be talking about the polishing process, how I approach … Read More

DevBlog – main menu preview (video)

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In the last few days I was working on the main menu for the first time next to some other stuff. I’ve always wanted to have a menu with great ambient where players can get immersed instantly. It was a tough call what to make for the first thing the player will see but after few sketches and mockups I came up with this idea.

Wednesday Recap #29

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Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great week so far. Great or not, I’ll try to make it a bit better with this post, ok? Last week I left you empty handed because I was studying for the exam and there was not much progress done except the one for the trailer which is TOP SECRET for now. I’ve … Read More

Wednesday Recap #26

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I have everything I’ve promised over all the social medias except one thing – gif animation. I didn’t have anything “cool” to show so I rather left gif-recorder alone. So let’s see what Courier brought to you this time: Development video – timelapse from the map editor I’ve made a random room in 12 minutes just to show you how does … Read More

Wednesday Recap #22

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I’ve skipped one wednesday recap but I didn’t leave you empty handed. Last time I did a nice post featuring first music pieces for the Courier of the Crypts (and video with the scenes from the game to accompany the music) – check it out here. As most of you know I’m working on the short playable demo to get some … Read More