DevBlog – main menu preview (video)


In the last few days I was working on the main menu for the first time next to some other stuff. I’ve always wanted to have a menu with great ambient where players can get immersed instantly. It was a tough call what to make for the first thing the player will see but after few sketches and mockups I came up with this idea.

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Wednesday Recap #9

I hope you had a great week(end) everyone! :)

Again, my weekend was busy with other stuff and Courier didn’t get much attention but I’ve still managed to do something nice. I was implementing more weather effects for storyline map like storm (heavy rain + lightning). It’s not much but it adds a lot. Next to that, I did more art for storyline map. Overall, storyline part got much attention, yeah.

Weather effect animated

As for the art, I was working on Old hag’s cottage, can you guess who is she? What does she have to do with the story and all? Everything is still work in progress for I need to catch more ominous ambient. And she will be out there, but I didn’t have energy to work with small sized pixel art character of her so far. Chimney will be added as well as particles like smoke from the chimney, smoke from the cooking pot and more. Just you wait, it will be great.


If you somehow managed to skip all my “social alerts” about the game being nominated for the Indie Dev Grant at Bundle-In-A-Box, let me say few more words – you can support Courier of the Crypts by voting at Bundle-In-A-Box website after buying the bundle of 13 great RPG indie games. You can read more about voting, buying etc. here. Your support would be more than great for I could use well some extra bucks on the game.

This is it for the week. We all know it is about time to record some new in-game footage for I really need new video to show off. Maybe I’ll skip next weekly recap and work on video that will be released after 2 weeks. Maybe, I’m not sure though since life can bring many surprises.

Until then, best regards!

Wednesday Recap #7

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great week!

This time I’m really late and I’m over wednesday for a whole hour but it’s not over until I get to horizontal state. Sorry for that. Ok, straight to the point! This week, map design got my full attention and I reached that point of the map where you have to take alternate route to some room through the sewers! Yep, every game needs sewers and Courier of the Crypts will have some as well. Next to map design I did some sewer tiles, just so I can make some simple rooms, I’ll do the polishing later. Here, take a look.

Sewer tiles 


Ladder transition

I needed a transition system so you can reach other rooms by ladders. Before I rewrote the code, I had animation of courier climbing down the ladders but for now I’ll keep it simple for I have to work hard on map design.

Ladder transition animation

Critters – rats, spiders, bats and more

Sewers, tombs, caves – in these places you’ll find various critters that are there just for an eyecandy and to make you feel uncomfortable. If it happens that some of the critters find themselves under your feet, they’ll be crushed. Brutally. About brutality, I’m really not sure if all the blood fits in. I’ll let you be the judge.

Critters & Sewers ambient animation

Here you can see critters in motion and sewers ambient of course. Everything needs much more polishing. I have to play more with lights to reach interesting effects. Also, that slimish water will be animated. Also, accid bubbles popping and throwing slime particles around. But like I said before – I’m going with map design schedule and polishing comes later.

That’s it for the week. I hope you liked what you saw and please, you’re most welcome to express your thoughts, positive or negative. I can handle them.

PS: I’ve updated Courier of the Crypt’s page on IndieDB. I’ll keep updates there as well from now on.

Best regards adventurers! ;)

Wednesday Recap #6

Hoi hoi hoi! Here I am again with some artish news. I was working on pixel art more or less, again…but still, progress is progress, right? My brains just weren’t ok for programming as well as my right ear (I got somekind of nasty infection). No more malarkey, let’s continue with updates.

Something cool

wr6 First of all, take a glimpse over the image above. Just for a few seconds. Ok, that’s good. One of the things is fog – I’ve been playing around a bit, it’s nothing serious at the moment, but it gives some ambient to the scene. There will also be thicker fog, dynamic hopefully but I’ll play with that at the later phase of development.

Floor risen by roots: that’s more important than a fog. What you see is a good example of puzzles you’ll meet in the game. As you can see, there is water north of the roots. You’ll have to make that water running somehow to water the roots which will then grow and build bridge over the pit or bring you up some valuable items like key, I don’t know.

Spider descending on a thread

Spider descending on a net

I really want to make enemies entering the scene in different ways. Game is about the ambient and if you always see spiders walking then there is no element of surprise right? You may get surrounded by spiders anytime. They will drop down behind you on a thread or crawl out of the floor or walls. Watch your step, you never know where the enemy lurks. Animations, transitions – everything is WIP.


New spider type

There was a need for another spider type. Current one is not aggressive at all. It just lurks up and down, left and right. I needed one more that could attack you from a distance – jumping spider! That’s right. There will be this sort of spiders that can jump on you if they are facing you X tiles away from you. They have to be in the same line as you are otherwise they won’t sense you. Here, take a quick look – it’s all just a concept. Nothing in the game yet.


Game thread on the TIGSource forums

I’m not sure if any of you visits TIGSource forums (which stands for The Indie Game Source btw). If you don’t know it, I suggest you visit it. It’s full of awesome indie game developers, their projects, creations, thoughts. Everything! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’ve revived my old game’s topic there, so you can follow the progress there as well now.

That’s it for this week. From here on I’ll really try to concentrate on map design. Please, if you have any suggestions or comments let me know. I appreciate any feedback given. Next week then, stay well!

Back among the living…excuses and news!

Date goes back to the April 11th when I wrote last post and honestly it hurts me but you know, second life has priority. Job and school took me lots of time and those crumbs of time left were used for relaxation otherwise I would collapse.

Well, despite everything, I’m returning here with bunch of news, ha! Courier of the Crypts is a big part of me and I couldn’t just leave it in the dust waiting for a miracle, now could I? Anyway, straight to the point!

What I’ve done in my absence:

  • More maps are done and in the game then others are living in the form of designs which are waiting in my loyal sketchbook for realization. I’ve redesigned some maps as well due to the stuff that I’ve added.
  • Spiky traps added
  • More art done
  • You’ll be able to find keys around the map to open small bar doorsMap selection screen done (with placholder art for now) and I’ve implemented perfection system which was explained in the “Replay value of the game” post.

map selection & perfection panel

  • I’ve written down the design for the first boss which is no other than giant spider! Encounter will give you the adrenaline rush and not just that – I’ve promised that each boss will have at least 2 ways to defeat it, normal and hard one and this nasty spider will have both as well (different experience for each way)
  • I’ve done some internal testing as well to see how the game works for others and the result is really satisfying. I’ve also fixed many bugs thanks to the testers.
Giant spider boss in the mockup scene

I’m sure there’s something missing on that list but nevertheless, I wasn’t totally idle :)
Many are pushing me to release some video footage from the game and believe me, I really want to do so but I’m sceptical about too early video previews. Plan is, to release gameplay preview and first episode trailer in the near future so you can get a feeling what’s happening down the crypts.

Until next time!

Screenshot Saturday #2

It’s another Saturday! And I have another screenshot ready for you. This time, showing the barricades that can be found around the map blocking your path.

Screenshot Saturday #2

I was working hard last two days implementing win screen to the game and map transition. Not to mention numerous minor fixes. Now, it feels great playing the game!

Down below the crypts

I should definitely write more often and post regular updates about the progress but sometimes there are things that can’t be shown. I had to rewrite whole framework and there were some complications but more about that in the next post.

I have two tiny pictures for you – this is the new theme for the last hub of levels. It’s going to be darker and I’ll do my best to give you a feeling that you’re closer to death itself.
<insert evil laugh here> 

There will be cracks in the ground trough which lava will glow, spider nets, spike pits, ghost… but I can’t show you everything now, at least not yet :)

Tell me what you think or what would you like to see and I’ll try to make it better!