Why is it taking so long

There was an October and November 2011 when I did a lot of things for the Courier of the Crypts and even released in-game preview videos. And then, there was silence…

If we skip elements like job and studying I had to rewrite the framework on which this game ┬áruns, so this is the reason for no “visual” previews and progress. Most people ask if I really had to rewrite it instead of just finishing the game with what I have.

I put considerable ammount of thinking into this issue because past experience taught me that this leads nowhere except to another unfinished project because there is always something new to add and you end up in the endless loop.

I had in mind the new design of the framework and did it right away (in a week or two) and after that I’ve packed the old game code and moved it to it’s new home. Of course there were some big changes and most of the code had to be rewritten but this time it works so much better.

So, what are the results of rewriting the framework and the game logic:

  • About 40% less code
  • Faster development
  • Easier to add or change special effects in the game (like animations, particles etc.)

Was it worth it? Totally!

I’m already near the end of writing the game logic so I’ll most likely start with the level design and pixelling more stuff for the environment in February.┬áNext time I’ll explain how “treasure” system (aka replayability) will work but until then…

…Enjoy the weeked!