Wednesday Recap #12

Another rough yet productive week is around and again I’m late with wednesday recap. I should really start writing these reports on tuesday nights…


Next to everything mentioned bellow I should point out that I’ve met with Zdravko (my composer) and we discussed a bit more about music in the game. He’ll jump on the storyline map as soon as I finish it. Meanwhile, he is smacking some theme music ideas together which means it will be done in the near future. I can hardly wait!

New art

I’ve been working on storyline map again because I really want to get that part finished before I give any testing copies to anyone that is not familiar with the game – story and intro are very important for immersion. I hope you’ve missed saturday screenshot so you can check out this ambiental piece.

Cotc - Storyline bridgeClick for full resolution

What’s new – bridge, river, waterfall, small chappel and some rocks. I still need to animate waterfall and river tiles to make it even more awesome. I’m quite satisfied with the ambient so far for it looks very magical and walking around with that lantern feels even better.


I’m still changing few core things (part of the framework). I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m moving back to SDL from SFML because I found out SDL 2.0 supports Android as well now. OUYA, stay alive please! Rewriting that core piece of code was done quickly but I wanted to touch few other parts which I had issues with as well.

Another thing was this nasty bug which got in my code somehow. Game started to crash and things weren’t working as they should. This took me quite some hours to solve it and people at twitter reminded me that I should start using revision software. I was backing up files by hand every week or so but this is going to be much more effective obviously. I’ve picked Mercurial and Bitbucket combination and I’m not sure if that’s a good option but it’s much better than the “way of the hand” right?

Plans for the next week

I’m doing more art, that’s for sure and maybe I’ll get some portraits done for the dialogue screens. I still don’t have camera transitions in the game which are needed for storyline map and through the game. It’s good to know which doors opened if you pulled the lever right? Well, at least if the doors are on the other side of the map…

So, this is it! Sadly it’s not much to see but progress is progress, right? Do you like that scenery on the screenshot? Do you feel like anything is missing? Please, do let me know.

Stay well and kick through the week ;)

Screenshot saturday on tuesday

I’m a bit late but rather later than never right? This is first screenshot from the game in new ┬ápixels (bigger art) ┬áthat I’m showing to public. Just for a taste and here is my promise now – in next day I’ll release my first dev video blog about Pixel Particles in the game.

Courier of the Crypts - Screenshot Saturday

Treasure found but is it safe to loot it?

Stay tunned ;)

Screenshot Saturday #2

It’s another Saturday! And I have another screenshot ready for you. This time, showing the barricades that can be found around the map blocking your path.

Screenshot Saturday #2

I was working hard last two days implementing win screen to the game and map transition. Not to mention numerous minor fixes. Now, it feels great playing the game!