Screenshot Saturday – The Sewers

This one of the maps that will come with next content update on Steam Early Access. It will be irritating because we’re talking about sewers here. Don’t worry, you’ll have fun. It’s a map you’ll remember wink

Wednesday Recap #12

Another rough yet productive week is around and again I’m late with wednesday recap. I should really start writing these reports on tuesday nights… Next to everything mentioned bellow I should point out that I’ve met with Zdravko (my composer) and we discussed a bit more about music in the game. He’ll jump on the storyline map as soon as … Read More

Screenshot saturday on tuesday

I’m a bit late but rather later than never right? This is first screenshot from the game in new  pixels (bigger art)  that I’m showing to public. Just for a taste and here is my promise now – in next day I’ll release my first dev video blog about Pixel Particles in the game. Treasure found but is it safe … Read More

Screenshot Saturday #3

One more screenshot, it was about time right? This is one of the secret shrines dedicated to the fallen spirits you can find in the crypts.There are still some pixel miracles missing that will make a place even kinder for ones eye. Take that oil urn mummy!

Screenshot Saturday #2

It’s another Saturday! And I have another screenshot ready for you. This time, showing the barricades that can be found around the map blocking your path. I was working hard last two days implementing win screen to the game and map transition. Not to mention numerous minor fixes. Now, it feels great playing the game!

Screenshot Satuday #1

This is the first Screenshot Satuday for the Courier! He is so excited that he had to throw that burning urn to show off infront of you. Click on the image for the full resolution. Courier is exploring the Marble Halls