Screenshot Saturday – Crypt jail cells

Check out animated version here This is a tiny piece from the new map that I’ve started to work on. Players will venture into the Crypt jail cells where they’ll learn more about the cultists and their agenda. You know, crypts doesn’t really need jail cells in the first place but cultists does.

Screenshot Saturday – Disembark

This is this weekend’s #screenshotsaturday. One of the maps will feature a boat ride and next to fast water slide you’ll be stopping at some points to do X stuff. At this stop, Courier was welcomed by mummies – not particularly nice welcome anyway.

Screenshot Saturday – Courier infront of the Crypt

In case you’re not following me on any other social media, here is the latest screenshot for the #screenshotsaturday. You’ve seen part of on wednesday – animated version of it. Here is the full scene now. Have a nice weekend wink

Back in action, starting with screenshot

I hope everyone had a great holidays, I know I did. I’ve replanished my energy and I’m ready to kick project onwards. As you’ve might know, it’s really hard to get back the momentum after long pause with every activity – working out, studying and working on your project. I had the same problem so I’ve moved from my plan … Read More

Screenshot S-s-saturday

As you can see I’m experimenting on small tips to help you out with the controls. Maybe the tip is too big so it will change most likely but what it matters now is the functionality.

Screenshot Saturday #4

I have some visual progress again to show – storyline art this time. I needed some time off from the code so I’ve decided to play around with pixels for the storyline map and this is how it looks in game. I have also gamescom report ready but I’m waiting for some photos from the colleague to decorate the walls of … Read More