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Weekly recap from the Crypts #3

Weekly recap from the Crypts #3

Nope, still no video preview for the game. Two more posts (actually just one more if we cut this one out) and there will be one. Next week, before I leave for gamescom I’ll release video preview of the first thematic Marble Halls. Before that I have to show what I’ve been up to in the past week.

Combination buttons, puzzles and torch

Now I have implemented combination buttons so I can tease players with impossible number of combinations just for one doors…well, it’s not just like that really. Member of slovenian game developers group asked how the hell should the player know the right combination  with 9 buttons (which is 2^9 = 512 options). As I like to say: “There are secrets that only your magic torch can reveal!“. In some cases you’ll be able to find combination hidden somewhere in the crypts but you’ll have to get closer to reveal the solution because other light sources won’t help.

Rewriting blocks of code

All of us programmers just love to do this! Sadly that’s true but I don’t like it since it’s the 3rd time but some pieces were simply too wrong and I couldn’t go on like that. But it didn’t take too long, it’s almost done now. Today I even changed sound library from irrKlang to SDL_Mixer because of the memory leaks that are unknown even to the irrKlang developers (even though, there are lots of us confirming these leaks). And the last thing for this matter, you can play Courier of the Crypts with controller now! It’s my first game where I did that. I know it’s not much but every new little thing makes me happy.

New pickup system

Did I mention code rewrite? Yes in more lines than I should but this system is worth mentioning as well. Straight to the point – before, you picked up an item when you walked over it and now you grab it with a key. When you get close to an item, blue circle starts to glow beneath it so you know what are you snitching from the cryypts. Why is this important you may ask – there are 2 reasons: I can place items on the tables, in the coffins and other places where player can’t walk and the second reason for this is magic coal. If you pick it up too early, extra flame bonus can be wasted. I don’t want angry players and for all the troubles by pressing buttons, I’ve added some extra particle effects and fancy sounds for pickups wink

There are two things I’ll concetrate on in next few days:
– web page for the game
– video

Until next time!

Weekly recap from the Crypts #2

Weekly recap from the Crypts #2

Two weeks are around and I’m here with fresh report from the development.

Map designs from the vacations

Last week I’ve returned from my vacations and I had great time. Part of it I used for
working on map designs (lying on the beach under the pine tree had great impact on me for sure). Result is that now I have all designs ready for all the maps in firs thematic, including boss.

New enemy in mind

I found out that I definitely need another enemy with range mechanics while designing these maps but it will stay a secret for a while (if you don’t look closer at the map design on the right that is).

Courier of the Crypts on SGD Demo

On friday I’ve mentioned on twitter that I’ll have Courier of the Crypts ready for testing on Slovenian Game Developer’s community Demo Event. It went quite well, people liked it but game had one big bug due to bug fixing night before (TIP: When you want to show your game somewhere, leave it as it is. Fixing destroy things!) – character didn’t move after you reached next map. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures of people playing, next time I guess.

part of level selection screen

 Now, back to the map development so I can replace broken wall in the level selection screen with a tomb!

Weekly recap from the Crypts

Weekly recap from the Crypts

From now on, I’ll release weekly recap about the development since life got a bit easier and progress goes on at full speed. So, what happened this week:

Website for the Courier of the Crypts

I’ve started to work on the website because currently one can’t find all the information about the game on one place. Design is finished already so you can expect the webpage online this month.

Internal iterative test No.1

This is the first time I packed the game and send it to others for testing. Build included first 5 maps so I could see how it goes and the response was surprisingly well – not that I’m insecure about the game but as you play trough all the maps hundreeds of times you don’t really know what to expect from others. I got lots of great suggestions, critics and honest opinions which helps a lot. Next iteration will go further from closed group to others who would like to try how the game is played. That moment is not far though so stay tunned.

Fixes, corrections & other stuff

After the test, I fixed most of the problems (bugs, glitches, art…), added more to the maps since some of them were too short for most of the people (one should not underestimate tester’s skills) and I’m ready to move on.

Seaside vacations

Finally the time has come for me to enjoy the summer vactions at the seaside. It’s only for one week but this is more than enough to release everything from the head except the game. I’ll make final design for all the maps in first thematic so I can build them when I get back home and finally release a short video preview/trailer.

That’s it for this week. It’s not much at first glance but there are big changes on the game. More after two weeks if Steam sale doesn’t take over me wink