Weekly recap from the Crypts #3

Nope, still no video preview for the game. Two more posts (actually just one more if we cut this one out) and there will be one. Next week, before I leave for gamescom I’ll release video preview of the first thematic Marble Halls. Before that I have to show what I’ve been up to in the past week. Combination buttons, … Read More

Weekly recap from the Crypts #2

Two weeks are around and I’m here with fresh report from the development. Map designs from the vacations Last week I’ve returned from my vacations and I had great time. Part of it I used for working on map designs (lying on the beach under the pine tree had great impact on me for sure). Result is that now I … Read More

Weekly recap from the Crypts

From now on, I’ll release weekly recap about the development since life got a bit easier and progress goes on at full speed. So, what happened this week: Website for the Courier of the Crypts I’ve started to work on the website because currently one can’t find all the information about the game on one place. Design is finished already … Read More